Adorable Elephant Themed Nursery

Baby Elephant Themed Nursery

Elephant Themed Nursery – Consider choosing a contrasting color scheme. Once your color is selected, you can shop in bed and other bizarre trinkets to decorate the room. One of the most popular and modern color schemes for breeding boys is gray and lime green. You can paint a baby nursery wall with gray slate and choose white box and dressing table. Then, you can buy a lime green curtain with a nursery accent with green pills, tapestries, or put color into your baby’s crib.

Some popular prints for baby boys you may want to try in this color scheme are the lines, elephant themed nursery and start. Consider choosing a nautical theme. This theme complements baby breeding that has disturbed hardwood floors and yet you can use your baby’s room decoration to make it from scratch and by adding a free carpet pattern. This theme is also great if you are exposed to bricks or blocks and lots of natural light in your baby’s nursery. Choose dark blue and white bedding and throw red whips all over the room in the form of pillows, blankets, shelves or nursery burners. Also find a cradle that boasts a nautical element such as whales, crabs or fish. Choose brown furniture and white-painted white carpets. Hang the original pad or two on the wall or find and buy vintage nautical straps tied with various knots, frames and hanging over the crib.

Elephant themed nursery the idea that you definitely love is a vintage theme. Many vintage baby toys can be found at flea markets, antique shops or online. You can make them the focal point of the room by building or buying long rows of metal racks and overlaid them with ancient toys such as sailboats, cars, jack-in-the-box animals, and circuses on wheels. Choose dark brown furnishings with red flannel sheets and a light cream rug to create a vintage look.

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