Adorable Nursery Elephant Lamp

Bedroom Nursery Elephant Lamp

Nursery elephant lamp – We continue with the decoration of the baby’s room, and today we are going to talk about lighting. There is no doubt that the ideal in a child’s bedroom and in general in any room is that it receives a lot of natural light, exterior bedrooms with large windows and well-oriented are the ones that we most like the most. Afterwards we will take care that the light does not enter when we do not want it, with curtains, curtains, blinds or blinds, but the good thing is to have the possibility of enjoying it whenever we want it.

So when we talk about aspects related to lighting we usually refer to artificial lighting, because with the natural, there will never be an excess problem, we can always stop it and if there is a shortage of it, we should compensate it with well placed nursery elephant lamp. Each room has its different characteristics that to some extent determine the way of lighting, but we will see some general guidelines to follow to illuminate the bedrooms of children. Personally I am not at all in favor of embedded halogens, although today there are dimmable and LED bulbs are also embedded in a child’s bedroom I prefer a traditional lamp on the ceiling and some other point of indirect light.

The best thing for a child’s room is a nursery elephant lamp. The lamp will be placed in the center ceiling and will be complemented with other auxiliary lamps , one more at least, that will provide indirect light, ideally, that other lamp is on the wall, we can choose a standing model while the child It’s a baby, but as soon as you start walking, that option would be dangerous. The wall sconce has the advantage that it is not within reach of the child and the inconvenience that we cannot move it to direct the light in the direction we want.

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