Aztec Nursery Design Ideas

Jun 27th

Creating a beautiful Aztec nursery design for your new baby to be is one of the most fulfilling aspects of pregnancy. You get to pour all your love and excitement at the anticipation of a new life into your Aztec nursery decorating project. But don’t forget that you’ll be spending a lot of time in the baby nursery after your baby arrives. Many of us don’t have more than one room in the home that would be suitable for the baby nursery. However, if you do have a choice of rooms choose the one closest to yours. The less mileage you have to cover in the middle of the night the better.

Nice Aztec Nursery Bedding
Nice Aztec Nursery Bedding

Choose your Aztec nursery glider or rocking chair carefully. Sit in as many as you can before you make a purchase. You will spend many hours sitting in this chair in the first few months, many of them in the wee hours. The last thing you need is a chair that makes your back and neck ache when you’re breastfeeding or rocking your little one to sleep. Choose the right Aztec nursery rug. A nursery rug that moves, wrinkles or shows a dirty mark every time you step on it will drive you slowly bananas — been there – done that! Buy a fairly heavy-duty rug and use a good rug pad to avoid these recurring moments of insanity.

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Image of: Aztec Nursery Design Ideas
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Image of: Aztec Nursery Bedding

Next ideas for Aztec nursery design; you will need plenty of space to store all of baby’s little goodies and clunky gear. Take this into account when you decide on your baby furniture. A good nursery storage plan will help you to squeeze lots of extra space out of your baby room. Complete a floor plan before buying any furniture. This way you can make sure you will have enough space in the baby nursery. A great way to visualize the room is to make large cutouts using the exact dimensions of your furniture and lay them on the floor. (Newspapers or plastic paint sheets work well.) Move these around on the floor until you are happy with their placement.

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