Benefit Of Baby Doll Nursery Set For Children

How To Make A Baby Doll Nursery Set

Baby Doll Nursery Set – The benefits of playing dolls are not just entertainment. But can hone some of the following skills, for girls and boys. Dolls are toys that are often misunderstood as if only for girls only. Whereas for children aged under five, girls and men can both benefit from playing the doll to develop his intelligence.

Helping to dress dummy can train motor boys and girls. It also can foster the independence of children to be able to wear his own clothes because he has been practicing how to dress for his doll. Bathing the doll made him learn how to keep his own body clean. Especially if parents help direct how to brush teeth, use shampoo, cleanse the body with soap, and use a towel after bathing. The other benefits of playing the baby doll nursery set are also obtained when the child pretends to feed on his doll. When feeding it, the child is training his hands to be able to spoon the food into his own mouth. Child eating activities will also be more exciting because he has a puppet who plays as a friend who accompanied his meal.

When playing dramas with puppets, children learn to imagine and speak. Role play is one of the best ways to improve your language intelligence. In addition, playing with dolls is a good tool for children to learn to mention limbs such as eyes, nose, head, legs, mouth, neck, and so on. So the child’s vocabulary will increase. Dolls help children to know how to take care of others. Children who treat dolls like humans will understand that dolls also need to be carried, bathed, talked to, or warmed.

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The attitude of the child while playing the doll that can help grow empathy will be useful if one day he has a new sister. By baby doll nursery set, children also learn how to care for others. In addition, he learned to be an adult who has the responsibility of keeping the weaker of him. If you still mind if boys play dolls, remember that one day he will be a brother, a husband, a father, an uncle, a doctor, and other roles related to caring for others.