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Gender Neutral Nursery – If you are not going to know the sex of your child until birth, you need to decorate the nursery with colors that can work for either a boy or a girl. Gender neutral colors may also be necessary if a brother and sister are sharing a room. If you want to break with the basic rose or blue nursery, change things with contemporary colors. Colors inspired by nature are neutral gender. Green can be calmed down so it is a good color of the wall. Bring in bright yellows and soft lavenders reminiscent of flowers for unexpected splashes of color. Taupe walls provide a backdrop that will coordinate with other rooms in your home.

Take your color cues from the Safari or animal inspired bedding. Wood tones are gender neutral nursery to the genre and you can find tables to change diapers, cribs and rocking chairs in various shades. Base all the space around the furniture by pulling neutral colors of the grain. Black furniture adds a modern element to the room and can be elegant for a girl or dramatic for a child. Strong colors can be gender neutral. Blue is not just for children. A blue periwinkle is gentle enough to complement any genre. Turquoise creates a bright nursery and is a shade of exciting blue that can be found in contemporary and southwest design. Orange is an unexpected but fun color for a baby’s room.

Use it sparingly so that you do not dominate the space. Paint large and vibrant polka dots on the wall to carry in various colors. You can even create a strong pink and blue dot along with your preferred colors to represent traditional gender colors. Balance bright colors with gender neutral nursery tones such as dark gray or cream so that the nursery is still an adequate space to sleep. Black, white and red are the first colors of newborn sees. Carry this in the nursery of a modern space.

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