Boy Nautical Nursery: In Fresh Decoration

Boy Nautical Nursery Bedding

Boy nautical nursery – If your child loves the ocean or canoeing, decorate your room with a nautical theme. A room-inspired maritime style is timeless and can appeal to children of all ages. Mix elements you already have with new pieces and vintage nautical theme. Follow with a fresh red, white and blue color scheme for an authentic look. Use maritime antiques to create a nautical themed room. Reuse vintage items in fresh decoration. Old maritime frame maps and hang them on the walls of the bedroom. Old anchors, the ship wheels and oars also make striking decoration wall. A vintage sea captain’s chest can work double duty in a child’s room.

Fill the chest with toys or a change of clothes and blankets and top with comfortable cushions as an option for extra seats. Make the child the centerpiece of the room the bed by upgrading with charming bedding inspired by boat. Choose a striped quilt boy nautical nursery red and white and white sheets with sailboat designs. Decorate the bed with pillows in the shape of lifebuoy and anchor and fold a navy blue throw blanket on the foot. If you need to update the frame of the wooden bed, cover it with fresh white or navy blue paint.

An easy way to incorporate a boy nautical nursery theme into a child’s bedroom is through textiles. You do not have to spend a lot of money to update the space. Place a rug in the shape of a wooden sailboat or tile floors. Hang white curtains with tiny red and blue sailboat patterns and tie them with pieces of nautical rope. Put the finishing touches on a nautical themed bedroom with a variety of maritime-inspired decoration pieces. Place a sailboat replica on a bedside table or work table. As a sentimental touch, place your child’s shells collection in a transparent glass bowl and show on a wall shelf.

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