Choosing Nautical Nursery

Nautical Nursery White

Nautical nursery schools are a hugely popular theme, for good reasons. They are easy to create and offer a tranquil color scheme and simple accessories. They are also a symbol of a safe haven and a new journey with new babies that all the places to come. Even though new parents can use vintage or antique furniture obtained from real ships, it is a warning to ensure that everything that surrounds the child is non-toxic and safe.


Blue is the color of the ocean, so it’s just logical blue should be overall color tones for a nautical nursery school. Light blue will offer a lighter feeling with greater versatility than a midnight, royal or navy. Too much blue in any shade, however, may be enough to make anyone seamless, so make sure contrasting accents are also used. Red is a perfect choice, with some yellow thrown in for smaller accents. These primary colors make for a simple but cool statement that fits very well with a nautical theme. Because light blue is so versatile, other colors can easily be added, such as a colorful collection of world flags or a black and white striped guy.


Walls can be painted blue or reinforced with a wave pattern, sponged on the crown of white. An additional idea is to paint an entire beach scene with the upper half of the walls as a lighter blue for the sky and the lower half is swallowed up in the waves of the ocean. Fish, ships, starfish, stitches; lighthouses can also increase the walls. For those who prefer wallpaper, many nautical nursery designs are suitable for children, ranging from cartoon crabs to vintage cartoon sailors. Walls can also be decorated with stenciled or walled borders representing nautical artworks. Crib bedding sets come in a wide range of nautical themes, ranging from sets titled “Hook, Mate,” to “Little Skipper.” Sets can include several matching pieces, such as a duvet cover, blanket, dust rosary, diaper stacker and window valance.

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