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Boy Nursery Wall Decals Nice

Boy nursery wall decals – Strike balance with a nursery by mixing the functional needs of a nursery such as bright, airy rooms and calm colors with a modern twist on decorating for baby. Do not be afraid to deviate from the traditional color scheme for boys (blue only) and work with new colors and layering themes in such colors.

Red, white and blue

Get patriotic with the baby boy’s room, and create a striking red, white and blue nursery. This is masculine yet soft enough – if you work the colors together – that works well in boy nursery wall decals. These colors transition also into a child’s room. The white and blue should serve as primary colors and red can be woven into space by patterns and presses that focus on stars and stripes. Green and yellow are brighter colors for boy nursery wall decals, and you can couple them together by using them both as primary colors. Using someone like accent paint and the other as a primary color. Green and yellow also work with themed rooms for children boys like an African safari, pet or ducks and fish. A zoo nursery, complete with yellow and green stencils, is another boy friendly option.

Brown and blue

A shade of pale or tan in a color like espresso, tan or mosquito woven together with a soft baby blue also works in boy nursery wall decals. Add a patterned wall, such as a set of thick stripes, or paint three walls a soft brown and the fourth wall a matte shade of blue as an accent wall contains your colors in the space. A marine painting nursery works well with these colors. Keep white as a base color and light up the room with shades of yellow and orange. Nursery colors are traditionally soothing, but adding a pop of color will also brighten up the room. Yellow and orange work well in a boy’s nursery because they are not too feminine colors. They are bright colors that give style to a space.

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