Decoration Wooden Letters For Nursery

Wooden Letters For Nursery Kids

Wooden Letters For Nursery – Use wooden letters to decorate the walls of the child’s room. If you want to spell the child’s name with the letters as a piece of wall art or want to create an entire alphabet, you can decorate yourself to create a custom accessory for the room. There are different ways to decorate the letters, which can be purchased at art supply stores, and the desired result is achieved with paint or paper. Wooden letters in your child’s bedroom can create a personalized space that is comfortable for the child. With wooden letters, you can write any message you want to your child on the wall or you can simply write your name.

Painting the wooden letters for nursery is the final touch for your project and it takes only a small preparation to carry it out. Consider matching the paint of the letters and other objects in your room to enhance your existing decor. Place a few layers of newspaper on a flat surface inside or outside your home. The process of sanding and painting will produce a small mess in which it is easier to control with the newspaper. Sand each letter lightly. Remove the rough edges of the wood, as well as any splinters. When sanding, use movements that go in the direction of the grain of the wood. Do not sand with a circular motion or strokes perpendicular to the grain.

Clean wood dust from the surface of the wood chart. If you do not clean the sanding dust from the letter, there will be bumps on the surface of the paint. Apply a primer to the surface of the wooden letters for nursery. First will avoid jumping and other paint problems in the future. Put a uniform layer on each letter and wait for the primer to dry completely. Paint the letters with the paint of your choice. Apply the paint in long lines that follow the grain of the wood. He spread the paint evenly in a thin layer.

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