DIY Baby Boy Nursery Rugs For You To Consider

DIY Baby Boy Nursery Rugs

Baby Boy Nursery Rugs – The children’s rugs contribute to give warmth to the children’s room. They are very decorative and also serve as an “insulating” mat for the floor especially in winter. When we do not want the children to be lying playing on the cold floor. Of course, in shops, there are all shapes and colors, but as we always say, things made with our hands have an added value, right? That’s why today we will see homemade children’s rugs! With which to decorate the bedroom. The best of all is that they are made using leftovers and remnants. Do you want to see them?

The first is baby boy nursery rugs with recycled jeans. A while ago we showed you 5 original crafts with jeans among which was this rug woven in crochet xl. On that occasion, we have given you more details about its realization and some advice. Next is the children’s rugs with crochet roses. If you like to knit and you keep the remaining little wool that you have left of your work, this carpet is perfect for you. Of course it takes a lot of patience to weave as many roses, but in general, who likes to knit this does not bother you at all, right?

Baby boy nursery rugs with the circular loom are also a great idea for DIY rugs. Some time ago we taught you how to make this circular carpet with old shirts, full of color and very funny. As a loom, we will use a hula hoop and with the t-shirts, we will make strips of fabric to knit. Children’s carpets with non-woven cloth would be a lovely idea for you. The rugs are very fashionable, but if you do not know how to knit you can also make a carpet with it, simply by preparing long braids that you will then cook in a spiral.

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