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Elephant nursery bedding for a baby is exciting for parents. There are so many cute sets on the market. It is difficult to choose between ladybugs and jungle animals. But there are some serious things to consider when buying bedding for your child. Your child’s safety is your first concern. The budget is also something to consider. As much as you want to choose the set that captures your imagination, it’s probably wiser to base your decision on practical.


Elephant nursery bedding that is permanent pressure or a cotton polyester blend is likely to be treated with formaldehyde, which does not wash out of litter. This chemical may be harmful to a baby’s sensitive skin and may cause an allergic reaction. Pure cotton, flannel, jersey and organic bedding are chemical-free and are a safe alternative.

Bumper cushions were originally used to keep children from getting caught in the cuddles on a crib. But in fact they can pose a risk of injury or suffocation for babies whose heads wrap close to the pads, as reported in September 2007, the number of “Journal of Pediatrics.” As breathe bumper pillows that securely attach to the crib side is now available as a safer alternative to traditional bumper pillows. But you really do not have to use bumper pillows. Elephant nursery bedding and soft mattresses have been associated with sudden infant death. The organization recommends that nothing be put in the crib with a newborn, including blankets, quilts, toys, pillows and bumper pillows.


Your budget is an important factor when choosing your child’s beds. Some sets include a quilt or comforter, bed sheet, bed skirt and bumper pillows. You can also buy a diaper stacker, lamp, curtains and wall decorations to coordinate with these sets. But you may find that you do not really need all these expensive pieces. Buy necessities if you are on a budget. For example, a bed skirt is not a necessity. After all, your child will not know or care about all the extra features. If you’re really on a budget, you can do just one lap for a newborn. Add a blanket later, when the child is a few months old and SID is not so much of anxiety.

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