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White nursery furniture sets – Less is more, it is better not to load the room too much because, as our children grow, they will accumulate toys and various items. As you know, in our case the rooms have hardly any toys because that’s what the lounge is for, the place of games par excellence. Colors not too strident. Why do I say this? Not for aesthetics but for color psychology. We can love the bright colors – and they can be incorporated into some details – but we must take into account how they affect the mood of our little heirs.

If the room is small, avoid using dark colors and colored curtains because they will eat the light, it is preferable to put them white nursery furniture sets that combine with everything. If you do not want them to be very bland, you have very nice blank options with moles, stars, etc. like the ones I used in the baby room and that will not subtract even a little bit of light. If the floor is cold, as is our case, you will appreciate putting a good carpet to bring warmth. Cots that come with attached furniture . I do not think it’s the best idea in the world because in a cradle, it will be 2 or 3 years (little girl only slept in a crib for 12 months).

Changer yes or no? Although the changer is a great invention, we have to take into account that we will use it for a fairly short period of time, so I do not recommend conditioning a complete piece of furniture that incorporates this accessory. It is preferable to buy one of removes and put and use it on top of a dresser white nursery furniture sets that has a longer useful life. We opted for a bathtub / changing table to put it directly in the bathroom that is spacious and allows it.

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