Get A Perfect Rest With Grey And Blue Nursery

Grey And Blue Nursery Bedroom

Grey and blue nursery rooms? Many will say no, unthinkable! But if it happens to you like me and you love the gray color for children and youthful decoration we will see how to get with it children’s rooms that exude serenity and help your little one get a perfect rest. Because the gray days are over! The gray offers us a great variety of tonalities and combines with almost any color … but sometimes the result is sad and off. Instead combined properly we can get children’s rooms full of charm, serene and relaxed that will delight both adults and children. And that they can also grow with them because it is a color that adapts perfectly to any age. Do you want to know what my favorite options are?

Two colors that work together for any environment or stay, no matter what your style or if you choose a dark or light grey and blue nursery, the result will be full of elegance and balance. But for children’s rooms do not remain too boring or boring bet geometric designs on walls, floors and bedding: stripes, stars, zigzag … Do not be afraid to mix disparate prints for a more fun and informal result. Join different shades of gray with white, from lighter tones to more intense or even black, and add some small note of color. Success sure!

There is no color that brings more light to a room, as if it were a small sun. Yellow is able to fill any corner of light and heat and added to grey and blue nursery forms a perfect tandem. You can use it in small elements such as the decoration of the wall, some pieces of furniture, the lamp, a cushion, the carpet … Still do not know if it will be a boy or a girl? It is the perfect combination for you!

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