How To Arrange A Great Montessori Nursery Room

Montessori Nursery Room Themes

Montessori Nursery Room – Montessori can be introduced to children from infancy. Well, when applying this method early, there are some things to note, you know. A Montessori expert said the first thing to get attention when going to apply Montessori early on is to set the home environment. What kind of setting? Let see together.

In the Montessori nursery room, there should be a baby mat and a small basket. Small baskets for baby sleep is indeed necessary for Father and Mother who apply co-sleeping in the first months of birth. For the furniture need a small table and chairs. In addition to the corner of the exploration can be prepared low racks, baby puzzles, as well as toys of natural materials (wood, neutral colors). Most importantly, protect your baby from cables, doors, plugs, and things that endanger your baby.

The decoration and spatial arrangement are also important in education Montessori. In the room, can be placed glass mirror the size of a child. He also said not to tell an ambiguous object, such as a talking cart or a flying human being. Because the child might want to try to fly alone, for example, children want to jump from high places in the house. Of course, it’s a dangerous thing. You can put interesting hanging toys in a child’s room. We can choose the primary colors (black and white), and try to free the shadow.

It can be many tools that we use to act the Montessori with children. Therefore, it needs to be kept neatly in place of each. We need to maintain tidiness and cleanliness by applying regular cleaning schedule. In Montessori nursery room, it is important to put the equipment and toys in an easily accessible place. Because children learn a lot about practical life, so the child will trouble if his goods difficult to reach by him. So, for example, we put a towel on a hanger that can be reached. Then at the sink, we have an additional bench nearby.

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