Ideas Dinosaur Nursery Bedding

Dinosaur Nursery Bedding Ideas

Dinosaur nursery bedding – There is an age when all children like dinosaurs. Some maintain this hobby for longer, and become true experts. For them we have compiled these children’s rooms of dinosaurs, which will delight these mini-paleontologists with all of the law. We also suggest some other decoration ideas for children’s rooms, details that can give the bedroom an air of Jurassic Park without having to change all the decoration.  The children’s room of this image is modern and simple, with a palette of neutral colors very marked that run through the decoration. The presence of dinosaurs can be seen in the details, such as vinyl wall, lamp and bedding. The key to achieving a room like this? Keep the color palette in all the details.

This dinosaur nursery bedding looks like it’s taken from a movie by Lawrence of Arabia. As in the previous room, the neutral tones dominate the decoration, but in this case we put aside the modernity, and with details of rustic fabrics, wood and baskets we give a warmer touch to the decoration. Here the dinosaurs are fossils and the large sheets of skeletons in the back wall are what dominate the scene. Keywords: sobriety and elegance.

In this dinosaur nursery bedding room we can see how the same resource, the skeleton of a dinosaur, can be used for two completely different settings, changing the details that accompany it. The decoration of this room is cheerful and colorful, thanks to accessories such as cushions, pennants on the wall and the pink table in the foreground. Same dinosaurs, a very different bedroom. When dinosaur fans are young children, it is better to opt for more childish drawings, with some caricature. This room maintains the idea of ​​the color palette reduced, but incorporates the dinosaurs in a more childlike version, repeating the same silhouette in various parts of the bedroom, such as the carpet, the table and the cushions. Keys to achieve a room of this style are limited color palette, and friendly dinosaurs.

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