Ideas Nursery Ceiling Fans

Nursery Ceiling Fans Design

Nursery ceiling fans – Ceiling fans can be a good way to reduce your energy costs by allowing you to run your air conditioner less. It is important to choose the correct ceiling fan size if you decide to install one in your home. Some simple measurements to determine the size of the room where you install the fan will help you choose a fan that will effectively cool the room. Measure the foot length and width of the room where you install the fan. Format these two numbers for the area of ​​space in square feet.

Determine the correct nursery ceiling fans span based on the size of the room. For rooms up to 75 square meters, a fan from 29 to 36 inches in diameter will be sufficient. For rooms ranging from 76 to 144 square meters, a fan from 36 to 42 inches is recommended. A 44-inch fan is recommended for room measurements from 145 to 225 square meters, while the rooms are larger than that will require a fan from 50 to 54 inches in diameter. Measure the height of the walls in the room. This is necessary to determine the correct length of Mount to use on the fan.

Mount the fan about 8 to 9 meters above the floor for optimal airflow. A standard mounting will hang the fan 3 to 5 inches below the nursery ceiling fans. Down rods are available that allow the fan to hang lower if you have very high ceilings. Kits to mount fans flies with the ceiling are available for shorter ceilings. With a new baby on the road, planning becomes a key part of life, financial corrections, baby-proofing home and other changes have become extremely important tasks. A design necessity that the new parents face is designing the nursery: How do you know what your child would like before it was born? For those who want to create a room designed for one sex, there are a number of themes that can represent a balanced design approach to the kindergarten.

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