Jungle Nursery Decor To Get Close With Nature

Jungle Nursery Decor Art

Jungle Nursery Decor – The jungle theme room is synonymous with children because most forest themes are chosen as the theme of children’s room decoration. The theme of the forest is chosen for children’s room because in this way parents can introduce everything of nature to children from the very beginning. Forests can represent the concept of nature with the diversity of flora and fauna that inhabit it.

The concept of interior design of a child-themed child bedroom can also stimulate the development of the child because by knowing the forest since childhood, he can have an adventurous soul later as an adult. In addition, the aesthetic theme is also quite appropriate because it presents elements and motifs of animals and plants with beautiful colors. Cannot believe it? Check out how the jungle nursery decor in the following children’s room.

To strengthen the nuances of the forest in a child’s room, choose a green color. However, the selected green color is not a light green, but a bit thick or old green or lush green to give the impression of a green and dense forest. You can combine it with a dark brown color that resembles the color of a tree trunk or the color of the ground. You can also include a bright blue element on the ceiling. A bright blue color can also represent the difference of the lake in the forest.

Animal motif is absolute in the room concept of jungle nursery decor. You can choose blankets, bed linen, curtains, pillowcases, upholstery, or animal patterned carpets such as zebra motifs, tiger motifs, or leopard motifs. You can choose one type of animal motifs, such as zebra motifs, and then present a zebra figure in the form of dolls or sticky pictures on the wall. You can also bring all animal motifs into various tools and appliances for a more vibrant look.

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