Jungle Theme Nursery With Simple Decorations

Girls Jungle Theme Nursery

If you are designing a nursery for a boy or a girl, a baby or a small child, a jungle theme nursery is timeless and has a wide, long-lasting appeal. Visual themes associated with jungle animals and plants are rich with evocative connotations of adventure and fantasy, likely to attract children and adults visiting room. Design and decorate your nursery jungle with simple images, childish, complex, realistic environment or a combination of both. A color scheme of forest should be rich in deep greens and browns to suggest foliage of jungle, but you can also play with textures, colors that suggest animals like leopard or tiger printed or small patches of bright colors and tropical birds or insects.

Use these patterns and colors for walls, furniture colors or mobile elements such as pillows and blankets. A mobile hanging over jungle theme nursery cradle will serve as a small decoration to contrast other larger designs in room while providing something you can see up close and thoroughly enjoy even at a very young age. You can buy one already made or make your own: place two thick wooden studs with cross shape using wire art and hang from them small carved, wood jungle animals (these are a piece of merchandise that they sell in common import gift shops ).

Painting wall of your jungle theme nursery offers a variety of mural opportunities. Choose according to style and aesthetics you want to create. You can choose a set of cartoon images to attract little ones, or a more realistic design. You can cover walls with animals, vegetation or both. Hire an artist to paint mural, or paint your own (even if you’re not an artist of painting), by finding a picture of a jungle image that you like, turning it into a transparency, and then projecting it on wall. Draw lines of image in pencil, and then fill in colors. A mural of jungle is an effective way to create a strong sense of atmosphere.

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