Lion King Nursery For Boys Room

Lion King Nursery Image

Lion king nursery – As mom begins to prepare for the arrival of a new child, one of her priorities on the to-do list is to decorate the nursery. For a boy’s room, choose a fun, colorful theme that will allow the transition from child to toddler without completely furnishing. Perfect themes for a boy nursery include jungle animals, spaceships or cars and trucks. Homemade wall treatments, crib mobiles and baby blankets fill the room with creative fine touch from the heart.

Wall Art

You do not need an art exam or painting skills to make your own wall painting for your new son’s kindergarten. When choosing a theme for lion king nursery, use objects reflecting the theme of creating a fun, cheap art installation on the wall. Browse through children’s books, online, in magazines and family photos to find a picture that strikes a personal chord and reflects the nursery theme. Take the image to a local copy or print and have it expanded enough to cover the wall. Elicit the help of copy shop employees, and get them to help you split the image into equal blocks. Buy blank cloths at a craft shop and attach the pictures to the table using spray glue. Hang the individual cloths on the wall to create mural. Also consider buying wood lettering at the craft shop and painting them in strong colors that match artwork to specify your son’s name.

Crib Mobile

Constructing a home-made crib mobile gives parents-to-be to recycle empty, plastic food containers. The supplies are necessary for this craft project includes wooden plug, plastic straw, plastic food container, cord and craft paint. Cut out figures from plastic food containers. Paint shapes with craft color in colors similar to those used elsewhere in the room. Lion king nursery theme bold colors like green, blue, red, yellow and orange are ideal for a boy’s room. Keep the wooden stick root vertically to create the center of the phone. Cut a small hole in the middle of a straw horizontal drink. Slide the wooden stick through this hole. Attach strings to the end of this straw. Tie smaller straws on different levels. Tie additional strings to the ends of these straws and attach plastic shapes.

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