Modern Twin Nursery Ideas

Nice Twin Nursery Ideas

Modern twin nursery ideas for boys celebrate all that represents the joy little boys bring. These nurseries have made boys colors like baby blue, dark blue or lime green. Decorate a nursery to suit your tastes and preferences, and create the ultimate place for your baby. You can choose a continuous theme that contains only boy colors, or you can dig deeper and create a modern look with western themes and other characters.

A cowboy theme is very versatile because this space grows with your child. Toddlers and boys up to 10 years still love Western themes. Choose a cowboy theme if you want a twin nursery ideas decor that will last for many years to come. Paint all the walls beige and leave the ceiling white. Buy plastic silver sheriff stars online or at craft shop. Use thick double side strong hold tape to create a star edge around the top of the room. You can also paint cowboys or other western themes around the border of the room. Buy dark wood furniture and hang up framed pictures of western images on the walls. You can choose the old black and white photos from western cartoons or choose something more colorful. Install a hanger on the door and hang up a kid-size cowboy hat. Bring in other Western decor, such as a rocking horse and miniature Western city toy. Buy Western-themed bedding to complement space decorations.

Paint the walls lime green and leave the ceiling white. Install white crown casting along the top edge of the twin nursery ideas. Choose a dark cherry tree crib and other furniture to contrast with the colors on the walls. Buy general boy toys like blocks and teddy bears and show them on white shelves in the room. You can also bring a cherry board and chair set. Hang framed pictures of characters or pictures of your baby.

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