Nice Doll Nursery Station

Beautiful Doll Nursery Station

Doll nursery station – the most famous doll in the world and also children loved it. How to make a Barbie house from cartons, designing structures will need more of the same boxes with a shoe, or just a large box from under some devices. It is desirable that the board was tight, but the color does not matter. When you need to quickly build a house for dolls, the course comes with some material. Building a beautiful and comfortable home can be from a big Lego, especially if in the presence of a large number of parts. If you need to quickly do a doll house, you can use almost all available materials if you need to quickly do a doll house, you can use almost all available materials

To make a doll nursery station, compact house easily made of a five or desyatilitrovoy plastic container. It cuts out windows and doors, and the capsule itself is painted colors or decorated with clay, salty, colored paper. The child does not hurt the hand, window and door openings are glued over with tape or tape.

Make a dollhouse for Barbie with her hands from the old cabinet. Each sector will be in the old unwanted cabinet, a bookcase or rack. You can revitalize them and transform it into a comfortable and beautiful house for Barbie dolls. Note that the distance between the shelves should be about 30 cm, as the Barbie height is approximately the same amount. Wardrobe is cleaned by old paint, cracks are sealed, and then the entire surface is coated and prime with two layers of paint. On exterior walls you can draw a box, brick, pattern, twigs of ivy and wild grape. Inside the partitions are installed. Then each room is furnished according to the wishes of the little girlfriend of the doll nursery station.

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