Nursery Animal Heads As Creative DIY Project

Nursery Animal Heads Drawings

Nursery Animal Heads – On other occasions we have talked about other DIY ideas to decorate a room, today we bring you another that will give your store a lot of styles. In addition to paintings, lamps, pennants, wallpaper and many other decorative elements, cardboard animal heads have become very fashionable. Imitating taxidermy so little respectful of animals, the alternative to all animal lovers has arisen, the cardboard heads, like this cardboard deer.

The only thing that can throw us back is the price of these select objects of design, so this DIY is one that should not be missed. Creating our nursery animal heads of cardboard deer will not only give style to our shop, but we can also give it multiple uses such as the coat rack, to hang scarves in winter or hats in summer or between empty spaces like two stairs or shelves. For the realization of the cardboard deer, we will need cardboard of large dimensions on which we draw the template that we will download in the link, a pencil, scissors, glue, wrapping paper or decorative fabrics and a hook to finally hang it from the wall.

Once the nursery animal heads parts of the cardboard deer are drawn and cut, we will have to join them as if it were a puzzle and then to give it a special touch we can cover it with vintage fabrics or wrapping paper as it appears in any online store. If you want to know the most elaborated original DIY you can also check it at this site by reading more article. The last thing we will do is put the hook to hang it on the wall and we will have our new friend who will attract all eyes. And at the end of the day, is not it to attract the largest number of clients?

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