Nursery Themes For Girls Design

Nursery Themes For Girls Nice

Nursery themes for girls – Whether you know you are expecting a girl and want her nursery organized before birth or just welcome your daughter to the world and want to start creating your special room, you have no shortage of preschools design ideas to consider. Regardless of any budget or space restrictions, you can create a beautiful nursery with the help of little imagination.

Star Nursery

To create a calming, night effect in your nursery themes for girls, to stencil stars on the walls or dip star-shaped fungi in color creates a random pattern or a stylish edge around the middle of the walls. Stick glow-in-the-dark stars in the roof to the entrance of your child. Soft, clean curtains, a deep pile of fluffy mat and star-coded crib or crib linens add to the look. For a real feminine star-themed nursery, stick to pink and lilacs for your color scheme and add small flowers and hearts to the stencil or stamped stars on the walls.

Flower Power Nursery

A nursery themes for girls does not have to be decorated in stereotyped light pink. For a bright, happy atmosphere, go for a flower power theme in retro colors like lime green, citrus orange, light yellow and shock pink. To balance the bright colors, choose a more neutral base color for walls, such as beige, taupe or pigeon gray. Use templates, wall decorations or wall kits to create your flower power design (make a wall border or create a large garden scene with lots of oversized flowers). Add complementary bedding, curtains, lampshade and rug; browse the web and in department stores for flower-print accessories.

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Angel Nursery

For a fantasy nursery theme, take inspiration from angels, fairies and elves. Start with the roof: paint it sky blue and lay white clouds. Use templates and magic dust to create a border or shapes on the walls. Use a clean dust dabbed with paint to create a spring effect on the walls. Choose two or three colors and use another duster for each. Using bleach pinks, blues and lilacs for the color scheme will create a calming environment for your own little angel.