Nursery Wall Decor Project

Nursery Wall Decor Trees

Nursery wall decor – Planning and decorating a baby’s nursery can be a time of bonding with your child, even before his birth. Simple embellishment project, which gives color, vision, sound and stimulus, adds his Rooms decor while comforting and enhancing your child’s environment. Wall art can be easy to add and provide stimulating fun, along with educational.

Hope Art

Holding stimulating fabrics, to any wall of a nursery wall decor adds instant art and visual excitement to your child. Simply change, replace the fabrics as the child grows and matures. Add material that has characters the child loves; Use hoops to learn the colors alphabet or numbers. Find hoop fabrics depicting different animals, dinosaurs or sea life. When your child grows, include them in the selection process.


Add a wall painting to your Baby’s room. Using found images, an overhead projector and a little color, create a wall painting that coordinates with the bedding and interior for the nursery, while adding stimulus to your child at the same time. Look at children’s books for ideas and paintings for simple contours to transfer to the nursery wall decor. With some cans or cans of color, you have a designer look at a do-it-yourself price. If you are not up to painting a wall painting on your own, consult a well-known color trade in your area. They have muralists on file that they can recommend to paint a mural of your choice.

3-D Wall Art

Add three-dimensional wall art to your Baby as nursery with a few simple shapes, bats and fabrics. Outdoor scenes are especially easy to simulate by cutting simple shapes, such as clouds, tree trunks and foliage, the sun, flowers, the moon or the stars, from chipboards are available at craft and art delivery stores. Thick cardboard, chipboard is easy to cut into shapes. Glue the quilts to the front of your shapes and cover with fabrics and glue on the back.

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