Pink And Grey Nursery As Fashionable Choice

Pink And Grey Nursery Wall Decor

Pink and Grey Nursery – It is not only about choosing your favorite color or the fashionable one, defining the range that will dress the walls of your nursery should be a matter of reflection. We present the theory of color that will help you decide which shade is right for each space. What is the psychology of color? Diverse investigations realized by students of the matter have verified that the colors exert an influence on the different psychological and functional processes of the human organism.

The pink and grey nursery are the perfect match for your room decor. Gray color matches all things and does not influence the other colors. It can express elegance, respect, despair. If it is used excessively in an environment, it will make it seem monotonous and boring. And the pink is expands creative power from any angle. Decreases anxiety, phobias, and fear. A pink light combines the stimulating effect of red and the tonic of white. It is not advisable to paint the entire room in this color. In a more bluish tone, it is ideal for meditation sites.

In decoration it is essential not to forget this effect: yellow, for example, acquires more intensity when placed next to blue; red, next to green; so you should not take a color considering it in isolation, but studying the intensity that will acquire as it has to go next to one or another key. Not all rooms admit the same color tone. Warm colors like pink and grey nursery are too exciting and lead to nervous fatigue, so the best is the combination of light, bright and soft tones. Conversely, if the walls are pastel, the furniture could be white. It is not advisable that the tiles on the walls have color contrast, such as white and red or black and white; the persistence of these two opposing values results in ocular fatigue.

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