Pretty Purple Nursery Bedding

Elephant Purple Nursery Bedding

Purple nursery bedding – Decorating your room to welcome your new little bundle of joy is an exciting time. You have the opportunity to choose the colors and the theme and decide how the room will look for your new baby. If you can imagine a topic, you can probably create it. Choose the most important color or detail you want to incorporate into the nursery, such as the colors pink and purple, and build out of that. Incorporate pink and purple in the nursery without using flowers, insects or ultra feminine themes, try stripes or shapes instead. A striped and dusty quilt from the purple and pink beehive would complement a pink crib sheet and bumper. Curtains could be scratched with either pink or purple borders.

The stripes may contain various shades of pink and purple nursery bedding, or incorporate neutral shades, such as white, beige and black. Walls could be white or pink with a purple border, or add a striped border to match the bedding. Use pink and purple butterflies and dragonflies for a newborn baby. Butterflies can alternate between colors or include both colors on elaborately detailed wings. Lamps and sheets could be a soft pink, with butterfly or dragonfly purple accents. Pink carpets and friezes will accent curtains of purple butterfly. On the other hand, the infusions of solid pink purple accent pleasant butterflies.

To soften the decor, alternate a solid color with the butterfly patterns on purple nursery bedding as well. An ornate butterfly quilt looks good on a solid layer. The dust flyer could be solid, while the bumper can be characterized by butterflies. Hang a mobile phone with butterflies and dragonflies purple pink and alternate. Buy or make three-dimensional woven butterflies to hang on the wall above the crib or on the opposite wall. Large butterfly decals or images can adorn the walls. Replace the knobs on the chest of drawers with small pink and purple butterfly buttons to complete the room.

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