Purple And Teal Nursery Bedding For A Great Style

Purple And Teal Nursery Bedding Target

Purple and Teal Nursery Bedding – Decorating your nursery and preparing space for your baby is an exciting way to prepare for the big day. Through your choice of bedding, paint, and accessories, you can incorporate whimsical, vibrant or playful colors and designs. When planning the nursery decor, the level of creativity depends on you, which means that there are no limits as to what colors you use or types of accessories to add to space.

Paint the nursery in a purple and teal color palette that suits your style. Break with this traditional colors, and choose combinations of bluish green and chocolate, blue and lime, yellow and pink, or any of the primary colors such as red, yellow and white to paint walls and moldings. Use a low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint to avoid breathing irritation to you and the baby. Paint releases of little or no odor in a room, reducing the occurrence of irritation caused by low VOC chemical vapors.

Select and buy purple and teal nursery bedding that complements the color or the ambiance of the room. Bedding comes in a variety of models and designs, including flowers, prints, geometric shapes, animals or childhood favorites, such as Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse. Buy an adjustable sheet for the crib mattress, and dress the crib with a matching bumper, dust flyer and comforter.

Place furniture around the room, which includes a crib, changing mat, toy trunk and a rocking chair or reclining chair. Show picture frames, stuffed animals and toys on floating shelves. Place the crib away from furniture, windows, wall art, floating shelves or anything babies can grab as they age. Use the templates in the crib to add wall art to dress the space, if desired. Hang a mobile over the crib to provide the baby with a striking screen. Choose one that incorporates the theme or complements the rest of the decoration. Dress the ceiling above the purple and teal nursery bedding with sconces that will be easy to take off when it’s ready to redecorate when your child is older.

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