Really Cozy Girl Nautical Nursery

Famous Girl Nautical Nursery

Girl nautical nursery – although it may seem like a difficult task to get right away, you will discover that it is possible to create a nautical style atmosphere in the bedroom and at the same time be warm and romantic. The nautical decor is very fashionable lately. It is a decorative style free, alive and really cozy, so that virtually any kind of housing (whether or not located near the beach) can add to this trend to give a completely different touch to the interior. The wood has strong links with the world of the sea (see boats, for example), so it must be one of the materials with greater presence in this decoration.

Both the floor and the head of the bed should be made with wood, in addition to all the furniture that will be used in the bedroom, which must also be made of wood. Regarding the walls, the simplest idea is to paint them white. Even so, anyone who wants to take this decorative idea to its maximum exponent can cover the walls with wood, although it is a somewhat more expensive decorative work that takes much longer. The essential colors in a girl nautical nursery are white and blue. Both colors must be present in the bed, and in fact the ideal would be to use sheets and pillows with drawings of white and blue stripes representing the shades that the sailors of the boats used to wear.

In addition to these ideas, the decoration can also be complemented with small decorative details. A sea anchor, a fish, a boat … there are many ways to add decorative accessories to the bedroom respecting the girl nautical nursery style. The photograph that we share today presents as its main element a head made of wooden oars decorated with beautiful pink, green and blue colors in its most pastel hue. The bed is completed with textile accessories floral and marine print that cools!

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