Rustic Nursery Decor Ideas

Beautiful Rustic Nursery Decor

Rustic nursery decor – If the time has come to start thinking about decorating the bedroom of the baby that is coming, this post will interest you a lot. You are the first child in the house and you have to start from scratch or you may have to rearrange your older child’s bedroom to share a room with the baby. Whatever the situation first of all is to think that decorative style you are going to use, take a look at the latest trends to decorate a nursery or baby, will help you decide.

The rustic nursery decor style is next to the graphic style and the eclectic the most novel of all the styles that we are going to see, it is a decorative trend inspired in the romantic and decadent aesthetics with a gipsy look mixed with Victorian touches and some modern piece. It is the darkest style and at the same time it is the most cozy and magical of all, using purple, gray and garnet tones with some mustard touch, intimate, small and very warm lights scattered throughout the space, from garlands that illuminate walls to small spots of light on the floor and the bed.

Another of the distinctive elements of this style are the crochet textiles, which are used both for a lamp and for a blanket, or any other textile with personality, long-haired carpets, cotton blankets with gypsy prints or patchwork quilts. The walls always have some detail, like the head of a rag animal, an illustrated display, a Victorian vintage mirror. The furniture in general is made of wood, wicker or iron vintage style, just decorates the space with small details, wooden toys, rag dolls or a tepee. Everything with a worn and lived look, from the floor to the hangers, you could put the vintage hangers that we saw the other day in some wonderful details to make your rustic nursery decor a special place. In short, it would be the antithesis of a contemporary, minimalist home full of technology.

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