Shabby Chic Grey And Yellow Nursery

Cute Grey And Yellow Nursery

Grey and yellow nursery – Shabby chic embellishment means using furniture that looks like antiques combined with more modern items. The result is an elegant room consisting of furniture from different periods of time. Incorporate this ornamental style into your nursery design using colors that complement the existing gray floors and add furniture and accessories that give shed of colors. Gray rugs give a neutral floor covering that goes with a variety of colors. Paint your walls a darker gray to make them and floors melt in together. White or off-white also coordinates with the gray floor. Alternatively, shabby chic design typically consists of pastel colors like yellow, so use these colors to coordinate with your gray floor.

Grey and yellow nursery with shabby chic furniture often has antique elements that have been tiled. However, be more careful in a nursery to avoid your child eating color chips or exposed to lead color. Shed antique stores or flea markets to pick up furniture in its original wood. As an alternative, find unfinished pieces, and paint them yourself. Apply a cracked surface or antique glaze so that they look antique without worrying about the dangers of your child.

You can do grey and yellow nursery with paint an old buffet gray, and reuse it as a changing table. Buy an old rocking chair and side table, and park them in a corner for a relaxing place to rock your daughter to sleep. Buy larger storage devices, and fill them with braided baskets to keep all your children’s needs neat. Shabby chic decor means incorporating different types of fabrics together for a cohesive look. Use flower patterns like awnings and covers for an armchair, or blend gray and floral patterns with your chair pillows, baby bedding and pillows. A quilt on the wall also coordinates with shabby chic design.

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