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Owl nursery decor – There is no rule saying that you have to prepare a baby nursery with a certain amount of time. Some parents-to-be prepare weeks – with months – in advance, while other parents may not have the room ready until after the child is born. Still, there are some guidelines that you can follow to facilitate the transition to parenting and make your child’s home away from home a nice one for everyone involved.


Owl nursery decor has the necessity ready at least several weeks before the due date. This way, if you go into labor early, you will not run around and try to get what you need when you would rather focus on your new baby. These necessary items may include a place for the child to sleep. Even if you do not have the crib picked up yet, has something else ready, such as a baby basket, portable crib or cradle, and make sure that whatever you choose, complies with the latest safety guidelines. Diapers are also a must, because are feeding items such as bottles and breastfeeding gear or formula. Also prepare some clothes in good time.


Owl nursery decor and furnishings are among the first new parents-to-be often dreaming and thinking about. Many parents choose these things well before the birth of the child. Some parents are, however, waiting to decorate until they learn the sex of the child, which can usually be determined by an ultrasound exam on the 20th week of pregnancy. Some parents even wait until the day they are born to find out if they have a son or daughter. If you belong to the latter group, you can wait to decorate the nursery until you find out if your child is a boy or girl.

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Big entries

The most expensive items in the nursery are the big furniture. The crib, chest of drawers and changing tables can take a big bite of a new parent nursery budget. For that reason, many parents wait to buy these items until they have a baby shower, when friends and family can reconcile their money to buy one of these big-ticket items. Other times, parents-to-be will receive gift cards that they can use against the more expensive nursery items.

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